• Carly Zipper

Let me introduce myself.

Before law school, I worked in an office that administered clinical trials for cancer treatments here in Seattle, Washington. In my role with the Phase 1 Clinical Trials Team at the University of Washington, I contributed to strategic planning, supervising support staff, writing and editing scientific articles, completing IRB submissions, and data visualization projects. While working in this role, I spearheaded our team's development of a mission and vision statement, and I executed a Staff Wellness Initiative which included team yoga breaks, guest lectures on various wellness topics, and a monthly newsletter. It is fair to say I've always been a Jill of all trades.

As a future attorney, I am interested in a role with daily variation, lots of client interaction, and opportunities for pro bono work. If this sounds like your firm, I would be excited to chat with you! Drop me a line and we'll find some time to talk. My email address is

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